--- COMMISSIONS --- Email: phymns@yahoo.com


8x11 Single Illustration 1-4 characters with background is $50. No color or digital work. If you want digital/marker colors or lettering, cost is $75 total.

11x17 Page Illustration 1-6 panels is $100 per page. No color or digital work. If you want digital colors or lettering, the cost is $150 per page.

Additional characters is extra. Content MUST be cleared by artist beforehand. Client is provided with a PDF and low res JPG of the image. Original art can be mailed within the continental USA for $10. If out of country, shipping costs is an additional $30.


Contact Adam Talley via email ( phymns@yahoo.com ) prior to purchasing a commission. The content of each commissioned piece of artwork, pricing and a timeframe for completion of the commission will be agreed upon by the artist and the customer before the artist begins drawing the commission.

Full rates will be paid up-front for each commissioned illustration. We take paypal or Venmo. Customer will get a look at a rough thumbnail and then light pencils. Any changes needed must be done at this point. There will be NO CHANGES after the approval of the pencils has been given.

If the customer is unsatisfied with the finished product of the commissioned illustration and refuses to take ownership of the artwork and/or demands a refund, a Kill Fee equaling 1/2 of the agreed upon rate will be paid to the artist, and the artist will keep the finished illustration.

If commission is a multiple page story based commission, the artist PREFERS to layout the story as they see fit. Scripts with "Panel one, this... panel two, this..." feels restrictive at times, unless the writer prefers to end on a certain "beat" of action. The artist would PREFER a written story and then the ARTIST decides on layout. This is negotiable but is, again, preferred. Also, refrain from tons of unnecessary details and description in the story written. The artist has limited time to read 80 pages of a story to condense it down into say, a 5 page story. Just what is needed should be provided. Thanks in advance.

NSFW/ADULTS ONLY POLICY(i.e. sexually explicit) commissions are certainly welcome but MUST be cleared with the artist beforehand. The artist has the right to refuse any commission subject at their discretion. The artist reserves the right to terminate the commission agreement for a full refund to the customer. Nothing considered "illegal" will be drawn. All characters must be 18+ in age and acts depicted must be considered legal to own and purchase according to United States laws.